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Kathy Mamolen is a full-time Professional Psychic Medium and owner of Intuitive Touch. Kathy resides in Palm Beach County Florida and is available for Psychic Phone or Zoom Readings. In addition to her Mediumship work, Kathy specializes in transforming individuals in their relationship with attracting Money and Love into their lives with In-depth Psychic insight removing blocked energy, identifying fears, healing and manifestations. To achieve the Wealth, Abundance and Love Your Soul desires.

She has been identified as one of the rarest Psychic in the Country for her accuracy and evidence with names, dates, numbers and events that have meaning in your life. She is a Psychic Medium meaning she often connects to a loved one who has passed. Are you looking to connect to a lost loved one? Would you like guidance on your career, your business, finances or relationships?

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

This was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Kathy allowed my mind & body to be at ease with the situation (my grandfather missing). The reading & things that came through were outstanding. My heart is so full
Manda O' Neil
Thank You Kathy Mamolen Psychic Medium for such a beautiful reading today ! So talented ! Hope to schedule appointment soon again. For friends and family that are looking for someone that is a medium and card readings , Kathy is very talented with tons of experience and very professional. Book your appointments and follow her on Facebook to tune into her lives. Amazing experiences !
Mina Marangello
I've had two readings with Kathy and was blown away each time. She is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable from the very beginning. Kathy said things to me that no one else would know. I can’t even explain how I felt when my reading was over. I am so happy I met Kathy and look forward to my next reading.
Danielle Marie


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Beginner's Tarot Class

This is a beginner course in How to Read Tarot Cards, starting with Major Arcana and through all of the suits. You will learn a general understanding of each cards meaning. Basic Tarot Card Spreads and how to tap into your own Intuition, whether you want to read Tarot for yourself as a hobby or for others as a journey into a Spiritual career. This course will give you a foundation to start and build on.

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